Parking Rules and Regulations


No vehicle belonging to a unit owner, tenant or the guests, family members, employees, servants, visitors, licensees or agents of a unit owner or tenant (hereinafter “owners, tenants and guests”) shall be parked in such a manner as to impede or prevent access to another parking space.

All vehicles shall be parked within the painted lines and pulled up close to the bumper.

Owners, tenants and guests shall obey the parking regulations posted in the parking areas or right of ways, as well as any other traffic regulations promulgated in the future for the safety, comfort and convenience of the unit owners.

No vehicle repairs, except for minor emergency repairs, shall be made on the condominium property.

Washing and waxing of motor vehicles shall be limited to areas designated by the association for the cleaning of motor vehicles. Vehicles should never be left unattended while located in the car washing area.

Inoperable vehicles shall be immediately removed from the condominium property. For the purposes of this rule, an “inoperable vehicle” shall mean any motor vehicle that cannot be driven for a continuous period of more than 72 hours, whether due to a flat tire, mechanical issues, electrical issues, body damage or for any other reason. This definition shall also include any motor vehicle that is not properly licensed and registered by a state or its appropriate governmental agency.

Unauthorized vehicles and trailers are prohibited from being on condominium property for a period of more than four (4) hours. The term “unauthorized vehicles and trailers” shall be defined to include tractor-trailer trucks, semi-trucks, motor homes, buses, fifth-wheels, RVs, trailers of any type, or a motor vehicle that has a curb weight in excess of 9000 lbs. This provision shall not apply to commercial vehicles of any third party business that is temporarily on condominium property while providing services to the association, a unit owner or his/her tenant which includes moving trucks and cargo trailers that are being used to relocate an owner or tenant.

Owners are eligible to obtain a maximum of two parking decals and one numerically assigned “visitor” parking tag. Parking decals may be revoked and limited to one per unit if need outgrows availability.

New decals are to be affixed to the lower driver’s side windshield close to VIN and not over any dark tinted portion of the glass (those affixed in the back remain valid). When used, the visitor tag is to be hung from the rear-view mirror of the guest’s vehicle.

Vehicles must display a valid parking decal or a visitor parking tag from “sun down” to “sun up” otherwise they will be towed.

Parking enforcement will look under any covered vehicles to confirm a decal or tag is present.

Visitor parking tags cannot be used for more than seven consecutive times on a specific vehicle unless prior arrangements are confirmed with the association manager. Residents are to report violations of the 7 day rule to the association.

To obtain parking decals and a visitor parking tag, owners or tenants must present to the property manager a completed contact sheet & parking application form, and, if not already on file, a pet registration form, and a unit key. In the case of a rental property, a copy of a valid lease is also required.

Motorcycles and scooters parking for more than 7 days must be registered with the front office as described although no decal or tags are required.